Can you swim in Litchfield National Park?

Yes! Best of all, Litchfield's swimming areas are almost all crocodile-free!

Yes! Litchfield National Park is a great place to swim all year-round depending upon weather and water conditions. Best of all, Litchfield’s swimming holes are almost all crocodile-free! You can check what’s open here. Some of the best places to have a swim include:

  • Florence Falls
  • Buley Rockhole
  • Wangi Falls
  • Cascades

Florence Falls is one of the most famous spots in the Park. It’s often the falls that you’ll see in people’s photos of Litchfield when taken from the lookout at the top of the stepped walk down to the base of the falls. In the Dry Season (May to October) it’s a calm and beautiful site with a small flow of water over the falls making it perfect for those who like a swim with lots of room to move and calm conditions.

Buley Rockhole is a great spot to relax and just let the water run right over you. This more calm and rocky waterfall system is subject to flood conditions in the Wet Season (November to March) Buley is a favourite with families who love the shallow playful pools that let kids of all ages enjoy the fun of cooling off in the great outdoors.

Wangi Falls are the big ones. Just as famous as Florence Falls, Wangi is a segmented waterfall with two main flows. They fall into a big wide pool with room for plenty of people to enjoy the environment. It’s probably the favourite of overseas travellers because you can get great photos while you’re swimming.

Cascades is another family favourite as it’s formed around a gently sloping run of volcanic rock and is easy for all ages to enjoy. It’s almost like a bunch of small falls in one place. The upper swimming area has a drop of only between 50cm and 1 metre. The lower falls drop down nearly 4 metres. This one is a little more difficult to reach than Florence and Wangi though – but the best part is that it’s often less busy and sometimes you get the place to yourself!

Swimming in Litchfield Park can be relaxing or an adventure. Before you go, remember to

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