How do you like your ‘Breasts’? Schnitzel Fundraiser!


Let’s tell you a story. It’s an interesting one for sure…

A turn of events from our play on words slogan advertising our Chicken ‘Breast’ Schnitzels caused a little commotion!

One complaint was made to Anti-Discrimination in relation to this slogan/phrase. This customer did not talk directly with us, where we could evaluate the best cause of action after talking with them. Instead they went to a Government watchdog to complain, requesting we remove the slogan. Offending people is not what we are about and we apologise to this person, however, this could have been detrimental to business in any other situation and after the year 2020 has been, it felt like the icing on the cake. The COVID 19 pandemic brought about a lose of $60000 worth of reservations within 2-3 weeks of COVID 19 restrictions coming into play across the world.

The slogan will not be removed!

Turning this negative into a positive, Litchfield Motel and Lil’Ripper Cafe, Bar and Bistro have made this turn of events into a way of raising money for a great cause.

During the month of February we will donate $1 of every Schnitty sold to Breast Cancer Network Australia. An exciting fundraising event will be held here at the Litchfield Motel for more details please follow us on Facebook and watch this space for some seriously yummy new schnitty options… they simply are the breast!

We ask the question… HOW DO YOU LIKE YOUR ‘HUMAN’ BREAST (because you know we have to be clear haha) and the answer should ALWAYS be healthy, well are they?

Did you know that 190 men in Australia alone are affected by Breast Cancer?

Yes MEN!

Also during COVID 19 the number of ladies getting their regular checks were dramatically reduced. Screening services have always remained available, so knows the time to get checked!

If you would like to get involved, you can donate as much or as little as you like directly to the charity itself by simply clicking HERE and select the Other amount.

One of our TRUE BLUE Aussie legends (after seeing our story on the Today Show), decided to ring us directly on 08 8976 0123 and purchase a Schnitzel over the phone. We were then asked to prepare and give that Schnitty to a local community member in Batchelor who is doing it tough, as this Aussie legend puts it… WIN for supporting small business; WIN for helping an individual doing it tough and WIN for raising funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia. This is a great way to contribute to this fundraising event and we thank you all for your support!