COVID 19 Safety Procedures and NEW Check-in Requirements

In light of the news that our neighbour’s (SA) situation has sadly escalated, we wanted to let our valued customer know that we are continually looking after you, our staff and the community.

Since opening again in May 2020, we have implemented and maintained many new processes and procedures to help prevent the harmful spread of COVID 19.

The following practices are part of our daily routine and one more step is coming into affect at the Lil’Ripper Cafe, Bar and Bistro as of 18th Nov 2020 that you need to be actively involved and aware of:



Hand sanitiser is provided at entries and at counters – please maintain to use these when visiting our venue and continue to practice safe hand hygiene.
Increased sanitation of surfaces, cutlery, menus and high traffic devises such as ATMs, EFTPOS machines, gaming machines and Cigarette machines.
Promotion of social distancing principles where possible.
Increased staff training to ensure these practices and more are maintained.

And finally, we are putting into affect the new Government Regularity COVID-Safe Check-in practices early!

Every time you enter our Lil’Ripper Cafe, Bar and Bistro, you are required to provide your full name and contact information for the purposes of contact tracing in the event of a community outbreak.
We have made this very simple for you to do, so please make sure you read and follow these instructions:

 SCAN the QR CODE located at the entry to our Lil’Ripper Cafe, Bar and Bistro every time you enter our venue


Then simply press SUBMIT

We thank you for taking the time to read this information and for playing your part in keeping our amazing Top End one of the safest places in Australia – let’s continue to do so!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask and for more information about contact tracing please CLICK HERE