Tjaynera Falls (Sandy Creek)

Escape to the serenity of Tjaynera Falls (Sandy Creek) in the magnificent Litchfield National Park, 90 kilometres south of Darwin as the crow flies.

The carpark here was the site of a timber cutting camp in the mid-1990s.

Walk the 1.4 kilometres through the open valley lined with paperbarks to relax in the clear waters of the plunge pool at the base of the falls. Enjoy the stunning views of the open valley, sit down to a picnic lunch and relax by the waterhole.

Accessible only by four-wheel drive vehicle, these falls attract less traffic than the readily accessible waterholes elsewhere in the park, and with campground facilities, make for an idyllic spot for a weekend away. The Falls are located 1.7 kilometres south of Blyth Homestead, a structure built in 1929 and serves as a reminder of the tough conditions faced by the early pioneers.