Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park offers you an array of natural springs, falls and rock structures to take your breath away. We have outlined a number of great places under our EXPLORE page in this website, however, the best knowledge you can get is to talk to us directly. We want to help you plan your trip and get the most out of your stay with us, so CONTACT US now to get some real time local knowledge and advice.

Places in Litchfield National Park

Magnetic Termite Mounds ~ Tabletop Swamp ~ Walker Creek ~ Greenant Creek ~ The Lost City ~ Tjaynera Falls Sandy Creek ~ Blythe Homestead~ Bamboo Creek Tin Mine ~ Rum Jungle Lake


Wangi Falls ~ Florence Falls and Buley Rockhole ~ Tolmer Falls ~ Cascade Falls ~ Surprise Creek ~ Sandy Creek Falls ~ Walker Creek ~ Greenant Creek ~ Rum Jungle Lake Batchelor ~ Robin Falls just outside of  Adelaide River

2WD access roads

Stuart Highway ~  Litchfield Park Road ~ Batchelor Road ~ Bevan Road

4WD access roads

Tjaynera Falls Sandy Creek and Blythe Homestead ~ 4WD Reynolds River Road Track ~  Coach Road ~ Lost City Track

Tracks & tourist destinations

Hiking Tracks, Short Walks & Walking Tracks. Magnetic Termite Mounds ~ Cathedral Termite Mounds

Litchfield National Park